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ITEST Webinar

Assessing Contemporary Science in the Light of Faith

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Today we hear, “Follow the science!” People use that idiom as if to say that science is the path to all truth and that if we follow where science leads, we will never be led astray. But science doesn’t work like that. The Catholic Church has a long history, codified in Genesis and professed still in our Creed, that science is the study of the handiwork of God. Science is a search for truth, but it must be guided by the light of faith. Dr. Trasancos will tell about her efforts to reunite contemporary science back with theology and philosophy in a more mature way than the Middle Ages when science was first born of Christianity. To authentically follow science in the light of faith will be the way to true progress in technology that benefits humanity, both in this world and the one to come.

Our Presenter

Dr. Stacy Trasancos

Stacy Trasancos, PhD, scientist, theologian, and mother, has a doctorate in chemistry, a master’s in dogmatic theology, seven children and six grandchildren. She worked for DuPont before converting to Catholicism and leaving her career to stay home with her kids for 15 years, there becoming a writer and online educator. She is now the Director of Faith and Science for the St. Philip Institute, and she has just published her fifth book, Behold, It is I: Scripture, Tradition, and Science on the Real Presence, co-authored with Fr. George Elliott with a foreword by Bishop Joseph E. Strickland and endorsed by Fr. Robert Spitzer. She is a Fellow of the Word on Fire Institute and Adjunct Professor at Seton Hall University Catholic Studies program. Her work focuses on the integration of faith and science. Stacy and her husband, Jose, live with their family in Hideaway, Texas.

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