ITEST produces a variety of media for the scientific/technological and faith community. It is organized into the following categories.

Special Projects 

“Scientists Speak of Their Faith” A Model for Parish Discussion 
This is the first of our special projects designed specifically for parishes. Free of charge and “user friendly,” the Guidebook for pastors, parish adult formation directors/coordinators and religious educators takes you step by step in setting up and hosting an event where scientists, engineers, physicians, nurses and those in related fields speak to their fellow parishioners of the complementary nature of their faith and their science. Supplementary video clips in User Document D portray parish presenters who participated in this pilot program.


For many years ITEST has published books of the proceedings at its yearly conferences. Most of the books published since 1989 are still available for purchase from ITEST. Books published prior to 1989 may no longer be available for purchase, but you may contact the ITEST office for access to the information in these books. These pages will list the available and unavailable books.


Since our inception many of our members have written numerous articles appearing in our quarterly publications and covering a variety of topic areas in science and technology as they relate to the Christian faith, among them, creation and evolution, globalization, genetics, population, bio-technology, advances in neuroscience and others. Rather than function within the limitations of traditional print media, we have chosen to make these texts available for download in Acrobat pdf format. You no longer need to wait for us to ship you a copy of a particular article. It can be yours for free whenever you choose to retrieve it from our web site.


ITEST produces a quarterly Bulletin, freely available on its website.


ITEST has produced several DVDs that are available for purchase. There is a list and description of these items.

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