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ITEST Webinar

Love Letters from Your Father: The Gospel of John

Will the real Jesus please stand up? 

AND two follow-up webinars on Christ’s “Dialogue Method”

A Triple Feature: Delivered August 28 and September 4 & 5, 2021


In Love Letters from Your Father, Catholic missionary and evangelist Romuald Simeone teaches how to apply the Gospel of John to your daily life and share it through naturally occurring opportunities to connect with family members and people you meet. Romuald Simeone shared his animated way of engaging participants in the discovery of the real Jesus.

Romuald presented two follow-up sessions on the “dialogue method” that Jesus uses in the Gospel of John to witness to people. Participants learn how to engage people of all different persuasions, even atheists and secularists. Jesus changed the culture to reflect His own Image, extending through His “dialogue method” his grace to the whole human race, not just to the Jews. And we can do it, too, just like St. Paul did in his 39-year ministry by extending it to Greek, Asiatic, and Mediterranean culture on his way to Spain. Peter, as well, was transformed by the Holy Spirit from the man we met in the Gospel of Mark to the one shown in his letters. Jesus made Himself and all who follow him a new public culture, including diverse peoples in His Father’s embrace. He is our Witness-Model, and His command: “Go!”

Love Letters from Your Father: The Gospel of John with Romuald Simeone
Romuald Simeone and Christ's Dialogue Method of Witnessing, Part 1: The Method Jesus Used to Gospel Witness
Romuald Simeone and Christ's Dialogue Method of Witnessing, Part 2: Becoming Witnesses of Jesus

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Romuald B. Simeone is a Genetic historian, Catholic apologist, poet, writer and former Foreign Mission Catechist in Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Lebanon. He is the author of the Lectio Divina series entitled Bible, Love Letters From Your Father, Books of John–Gospel of John, Letters, and Revelation. As a Foreign Mission Catechist Romy Simeone assisted Bishop J.Chan of Penang, Archbp. M. Kien of Thare, and Archbp. D. Athaide of Agra, under whom he pursued Scholastic Philosophy, Thomistic Theology and Biblical Studies.

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In a captivating fashion, you will find he elucidates, chapter by chapter, Jesus’ words for the listener throughout his biblical trilogy entitled Bible, Love Letters From Your Father, Books of John, Vols. 1a and 1b, Gospel; Vol. 2, Letters; Vol. 3, Revelation.
A Testimonial: “Romuald did a great job on his radio and youtube talks. The wealth of Biblical knowledge, clarity in explanation and inspiration he draws for our daily lives is really amazing. I am glad and thankful to God for using Romy as his powerful instrument to bring God’s Word to all sections of the people. Prayers and Blessings to both Romuald and Chiara at Jesus-Centered Institute, LLC.” — Fr. Louis Golamari, Pastor, St. Jude the Apostle Parish, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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