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ITEST Webinar

Conscious Energy

and the Mission of ITEST

presented on Saturday, March 19, 2022

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ITEST has the challenge to engage the young and the old by showing how science and faith are compatible. Many have left our Church. Many more will leave if they do not hear something different and compelling. In this webinar we discussed what the Philosophy of Conscious Energy is and how it can help ITEST with this challenge.

We discussed a new paradigm, or way of looking at reality. This new paradigm provides a way to express and explore items of faith using terms from modern science like evolution, energy and change of state. We provided more than three examples.

Our Presenters

The Philosopher ​

Joe P. Provenzano

has an M.S. in


The Deacon

Ron D. Morgan

is a deacon in the

Catholic Church.

​The Scientist 

Dan R. Provenzano

has a Ph.D. in

Applied Physics.

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Conscious Energy, The Fallen Angel Model, and the Catholic Church by Joe Provenzano, Dcn. Ron Morgan, and Dan Provenzano (January 2022)

Book Review of the 1st Edition, The Teilhard Review by Tom Baxter (Autumn, 1993)

For a link to the Monitum on the Writings of Fr. Teilhard de Chardin, SJ, please click here.


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To prepare for the webinar, watch this interview.

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