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Author: John E. Kinney, PE, DEE

Article Abstract:

In an article bound to raise hackles and provoke reaction, Kinney, an engineer and long-time advocate of better living for the people of Uganda, Central Africa and the Pacific Islands, takes theologians, the hierarchy, and indeed the whole church to task for too quickly jumping on the bandwagon of the “environmental crises” doomsayers. He urges the churches to ask the question: “Is it true?” about a number of ecological crises defined by environmentalists and to be properly informed before they begin to plan strategies to “save the planet.” He asks that the churches study Pope John Paul’s 1981 address to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on the Galileo Affair, and use some of the principles enunciated there in dealing with questions of ecological crisis. Again, he warns, the church must employ technically professional people to answer the question “Is it true?” about ecological crises and proceed from there to actions that will place the church in the position of strength bolstered by truth.

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