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Author: Fr. Robert A. Brungs, SJ

Article Abstract:

In this article, written during the last year of the 20th century, the author extends a challenge not only to ITEST members, but to all readers. Brungs strongly advises a specific set of proposals – but perhaps the most important in his eyes, is that the reader look deeply into the questions involved in a life sciences/faith activity. There is no doubt that the life sciences will be the focus of attention and experimentation in the 21st century: research on the human being, “promising” cures, therapeutic and enhancement genetics, among them. What will that mean for the “faith community?” Brungs suggests among others, a living out of a Trinitarian faith, with a Creator (Father) , Redeemer (Son) and Sanctifier (Holy Spirit) as its core, a developing theology that somehow fits in with our revelation-based, faith-based notion of humanity.

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