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Author: Alfred Kracher, PhD

Article Abstract:

Professor Kracher of Iowa State University, in Part Two of this report, on a recent European Conference on Science and Theology, offers his reflections on the role of Catholic thought in the science/religion dialog in general. The science dialog, he notes, is often fruitful because the scientists, Christian, Jew and Muslims (and atheists) have much in common. “Even on issues where the differences between the denominational traditions can become significant, such as the evolution of morality, the common goal of better understanding keeps the dialog open and productive,” asserts Kracher. Kracher questions the absence of solid input from Catholic theologians in the science-theology dialog. When they do engage, it is as private citizens and not as Catholic theologians. Based on his experience, with the exception of Teilhard de Chardin, “the specifically Catholic voice seems to have been dumb- founded in the face of the profound epistemological revolution that has come with 20th century science.”

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