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Author: Fr. Robert A. Brungs, SJ

Article Abstract:

The author of this article, a believer and a scientist, states at the outset that this is not a review, rather it is a “treatment” of the ideas contained in this rather lengthy volume by noted author and non-believer, Carl Sagan. The format resembles a conversation or a debate – rather heated at times – between these two men: the “reviewer” and the writer of the book. Catching Sagan in the net of his own words, Brungs notes, “Dr. Sagan often invokes “truth” but never clearly points out that “why” at least is not a scientific category. Nor does he mention why “why” is not a scientific category.” Brungs includes enough excerpts from the book to illustrate his points, helping the reader to decide whether or not to pursue a deeper engagement with the book.

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