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Scientists Speak of their Faith: A Model for Parish Discussion

The goal of this project is to surface the scientists and others in the field from the parish itself to demonstrate to their fellow parishioners that science and faith are complementary paths to the one “Truth” and are not in conflict. This is a program designed to give you all the necessary tools to sponsor an event like this in your parish. See the guidebook below for steps on how to prepare for, to promote and to host an evening with believing scientists speaking of their faith. Accompanying video clips supplement and broaden the text. (Recommended for Adult Formation Classes, Senior High School and Christian Education)

Program Resources

Scientists Speak of their Faith: A Model for Parish Discussion - Download Doc
This 26 page document contains all the information you will need to host an event at your parish. Among other helpful material it contains a list of participating pilot parishes in the St Louis Archdiocese, who launched this program.

Participant's Quotes

“This seminar/event is desperately needed in all parishes.
We are losing many of our faithful unnecessarily to “science.”

- Bill Biermann (St. Joseph’s Parish, Imperial, MO)

“I would highly recommend this project at your parish because our Catholic youth who aspire to become scientists need to help guide science in the light of faith. As scientists they will need to understand and teach that science, which deals with the facts of the material world, is entirely consistent with faith, which reaches beyond to the transcendental.”

- Bill Weisrock (St. Cletus Parish, St. Charles, MO)

- Established in 1968 -
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