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Science/Technology Education in Church-Related
Colleges and Universities

Publication Date: 1989
ID: BK022


This book is out of print but we are making its contents available as individual pdf downloads or you can download all the pdf documents for the book in a zipped or stuffed file format.

The book is still covered by copyright laws. Any other info can be inserted here.

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Foreword: Fr. Robert A. Brungs, SJ
Keynote Address: By J. A. Panuska, S.J.
Reflection By J. Cross, C. Ford, G. Magill
Article 5: A Pilot Study of the Present Condition
of Undergraduate Science and Technology Education in Church-Related Colleges as Perceived by Department Chairpersons
By Charles E. Ford
Article 6: Feasibility of Developing Adequate Natural Science Programs in a Church-Related School
By J. Richard Chase
Article 7: Why Church-Related Institutions Should Be Involved in Science/Technology Education
By S. Rosemary Connell, CSJ
Article 8: Science and Technology in Jesuit Education
Fr. Robert A. Brungs, SJ
Article 9: Science/Technology Education:
An Administrative Perspective
By James Bundschuh
Article 10: The Ideal and Reality of Science Education
in Catholic Colleges and Universities
By Thaddeus J. Burch, SJ
Article 11: In What Ways Can Science/Technology Education Enrich the More General Liberal Arts Emphasis of Many Church-Related Schools?
By S. Mary Virginia Orna, OSU and
S. Angelice Seibert, OSU
Article 12: The Role and Importance of Research and
Publication in Church-Related Schools
By James W. Skehan, SJ
Article 13: Developments in Science/Technology/Society Curricula at the Secondary Level and
How Colleges Can Connect and Continue
By Marie Sherman
Article 14: STS: A New Opportunity for the Re-Integration of Christian Concern into American Academic Life
By Rustum Roy
Session 1: Discussion after Keynote
Session 2: General Discussion
Session 3: General Discussion
Session 4: General Discussion
Session 5: Small Group Reports
Session 6: General Discussion
Session 7: General Discussion

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